Weekly Updates


Sunday School classes begin on September 9th at 10:00 a.m. All children are welcome.  This year a new curriculum will be introduced by Deacon Michele Not only will this curriculum be consistent across all age groups – the subject matter will be the same, but the depth of the study will vary by age group – but the older group (led by Deacon Michele) will focus on the foundations of our faith necessary for confirmation. This means there will be no need for separate confirmation classes.  All students who regularly attend Deacon Michele’s class will be eligible for confirmation by spring.  All children and youth are eligible to enroll  in this year’s program. And for any of you who may have friends with children, invite them and their entire family to Christ Church as well.


The  next distribution dates for our Food Pantry will be on Saturday, September  1st from 10-12 noon and Wednesday, September 19th from 5-7 p.m.  A shopping list of much needed items is available in the narthex. Please remember when making your purchase not to buy pre-packaged items in bulk as distribution regulations prohibit us from opening shrink wrapped food or toiletries for distribution. The pantry is in need of pasta (all varieties), pasta sauce, breakfast foods (hot and cold), canned meat (tuna/chicken/ham), rice, macaroni and cheese, canned ravioli, soups, snack items, fruit, fruit juice, canned beef stew, and canned chicken and dumplings. Thank you for your generosity.


While we diligently try to keep our database up to date, it’s up to you to let us know your information (kept strictly confidential of course! You don’t have to give us a year if you prefer to keep that to yourself). Please complete the form (front and back) located on a narthex table and put it in the offering plate.



Would you like to place an arrangement in memory or in honor of your loved one, Many dates are currently available. The cost per arrangement is $23.00. Please contact the office if you would like to dedicate an arrangement.    



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