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Stained-glass window depicting Jesus praying at Gethsemane
Rev. Bruce Gowe
O God, through your Son you have bestowed upon your people the brightness of your light: Sanctify this new fire, and grant that in this Paschal feast we may so burn with heavenly
desires, that with pure minds we may attain to the festival of everlasting light; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The story of the opening of the tomb after Christ’s resurrection is short but complex. In the Gospel of Luke’s rendition of the tale, two men in dazzling clothes ask the women disciples: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”
As humans, it is extremely difficult for us to process death since it is by definition, removed from our lived experience. In reading scripture, I remind myself that Christ’s death would have been extremely traumatic for his disciples. And though the author of the Gospel of Luke lived after Jesus’ timeline, we can very well imagine the trauma of the series of events. No amount of consolation or preparation from Jesus would have really formed his closest circle to watch him be humiliated and put to death.
There is much to mourn at first with any kind of loss, which allows grief to make us painfully aware of how much we invested in love for what we’ve lost. But the mourning period is a natural transition for transformation.
In Lent, we focus a lot on the lack of something or the loss of something significant in our lives. In letting go, we have to ask ourselves for what are we making room? For Easter, the story of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, the conquering of death (or at least conquering the finality of it), comes about as part two of the healing cycle. In His resurrection and ascension, Easter reminds us that there is room for yet more abundance, more faith, and more than enough opportunities for renewal at every stage.
There is hope.
The disciples are reminded to have faith. In our own lives, we encounter uncertainties wherein we are asked to have faith. At least in my experience, I think miracles happen when I renew faith in myself in the face of these uncertainties, and when I extend that faith to others who support me in the journey.
We need each other for support, for reminders to look for the living where there is already life, which naturally perpetuates in our relationships with each other and the environment. If we restore faith in ourselves in whatever struggle and restore faith in our communities, we can lovingly receive the joys that come from reciprocity.


Morning Mar.2nd

Food Pantry

Volunteer Hours : 8am-12pm
Pantry Opens at 9am -12pm
Parking is in our lot at 624 Sarah St.

All other parking is on street parking. Please obey traffic laws and no parking in front of the fire house or double parking on 7th St.

Saturday Evening


5pm Celtic Vigil Mass

Tonight's service is a contemplative and peaceful time as we prepare for another sacred Sunday.

1st Saturday- Celtic
2nd Saturday- Rite I Spoken
3rd Saturday- Healing Mass
4th- Rite II Sung Mass
If there is every a Sunday you can't make come Saturday. Or if you like a small and quieter service come.

Sunday Mar.3rd


8am Contemplative Spoken Mass

9am Adult Forum with James on the prayer book

10:15am Sung Rite II Mass
All are welcome!!!!

**Sunday School during the Mass during the time of the Lessons and until the peace.

Join us for coffee hour after the 10:15 Mass.

Today's Presiders & Celebrants: The Rev. Bruce G., The Rev. Nick L.

Thank you for considering to host. Thank you to the ministries that stepped up. Individuals that would like to sign-up check out the sign-up sheet on the furnace door downstairs.

Altar Guild

Working in pairs, the Altar Guild maintains and prepares the Eucharistic vessels, vestments, linens and other church furnishings used at each service. These items are kept cleaned, repaired, polished, laundered, ironed and properly placed for each Sunday worship service,
every mass during the week, special occasions and holidays.
The altar guild also assists with decorating the church for holidays. The Altar Guild inventories and orders new items needed for services as necessary.
They also regularly meet with the Priest to discuss how best to serve the congregation during services. One member of the Guild sits on the Ministry Committee.

If you would like to help please contact Chris Nelson or Fr. Bruce+


Working in pairs, the ushers/greeters help welcome folks to our sacred space. Greeters help hand out the weekly bulletin and any other material needed for worship.

Ushers make sure that the pews look presentable before and after the service. Help to organize the gift bearers for that service. Assist anyone who is in need to navigate our sacred time together.

Ushers help to collect that services collection, count worshippers, and during the reception of communion help folks to smoothly and orderly receive.

We are looking for more folks and someone to help organize this group.

If you would like to help please contact Fr. Bruce+

Other Volunteer Opp.

Parish Engagement Coordinator

A person(s) who is articulate and broadly supportive and open to the mission of the Gospel and the need to change to further grow that mission.

Ideally this person(s) has wide influence in the community, and the time and energy to
assist the Parish Priest and office admin in communicating the Mission /vision and to coordinate parish social and ministry events. (not running the events)

Social media development
Microsoft office

For more information contact Fr. Bruce+ or email the office.

Did you know you can now give to several ministries, including your weekly pledge, simply by scanning the QR code above or clicking the Give button on our website?

or Direct Link
As we progress in our parish engagement and abilities to provide liturgy, accessible material, education and much more. Please consider giving electronically, weekly, monthly and to a specific ministry. God is continuing to bless us with faithful givers like you. Thank you!

Narthex Doors

Thank you to some generous donors who help to get to get closer to our goal. As you’ve noticed, our narthex doors remain closed for the time being. Repairs are needed before we can again use them. These repairs may run as high as $34,000. Please consider a donation to the building/narthex door fund if you are so moved. Thank you for considering giving to this project.
Last year after several years with no finance team, Fr. Bruce put together a small team to help in a growing congregation its financial stability and growth. Topics of finance team: (Endowment, Stewardship, Budget Request, Fundraising,) From this team another side group came into being called the development team. The Development team goal is to help CEC develop a plan for financial growth and sustainability throughout the years to come.

Want to join our team! Help be the solution!

Who to contact?
Eugene Campbell -Chair of development team
Fr. Bruce or Tom Vonwort- Finance Team

Last Month at CEC

Christ Episcopal Church (CEC) Food Pantry hosted a special coffee hour celebrating Black History Month this Sunday. We honored six from our congregation for their contribution to C.E.C. and our community.
Isaac During
Barbara Cato
Sharon Moorer
Gwendolyn Turner
June Sucre
Cynthia Nortey
Father Nick opened with a prayer. We enjoyed a short presentation from Pastor Zorina Frederick. There was also a beautiful display of art work by Sonia Williams. A group of our youth read the poem The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman. The food our community brought to share was amazing. We had jerk chicken and pork, rasta pasta, akee with salt fish, phoulorie, bread pudding to name just a few. We thank all our cooks and those who joined us to help us celebrate Black History Month. Special thanks to Debby, Phillipa, Peggy, and Sabrina for creating such a wonderful setting for the day.

Check out!!!!

CEC Blog

The Black Church Farm Network

Easter Collection -We are collecting $25 gift cards, easter candy, baskets, easter bunnies, bears, etc., and grass for the baskets. Easter basket handout and book give away is March 23rd.

Donations accepted by March 17
Donate here:

Christ Church Ministries Continued

Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Christ Church is seeking to re-establish a new chapter of the Brotherhood. Ages: 18 and up seeking mentorship and discipleship within a man’s order in a safe, welcoming, and compassionate space. Focus: Prayer, Study, and Service to Christ our Lord

Informational Meeting is Mach 17th after the 10:15am Mass

Please get in touch with Robert Ceci at
Women of Christ Church!

+Daughters have 2 new potential daughters. This is a 12 week discernment. This work has begun. If anyone else is interested, please contact Maggie.

+ DOK and Brothers of St. Andrew will be teaming up in this month for a homeless service project in Stroudsburg/East Stroudsburg. Please bring in your new or gently used comforters and blankets into the front office now through the first weekend in March.

More information to come. Meantime, contact Maggie at or any Daughter with questions.
The Order meets monthly on the fourth Monday of the month. Next Meeting is April. 22 at 6:30pm

CEC Music

Choir rehearsal is every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm.

Bell Choir Practices Tuesday nights at 7pm

Bethann is currently looking for folks to add instruments to some of our Holy Week Services. If your interested or seeking a solo. Please reach out.

Please see Bethann Kratzer for more information or interested in join the choir, bell choir or special music.

You can reach our director at

Christ Church Supper Club 2024

Are you interested in getting together socially with your fellow church members for supper at
your or another’s home?

If so, please sign the sheet in the church hallway and we’ll organize groups of 8-12 for supper a couple of times a year.

Call Joan Duckloe at 570-421-4325(h) or 570-350-0737(cell) if you have questions or suggestions.

Sign up will be available in the church.

We are a Veteran's Friendly Church !


We are looking for people who want to join us on the Sustainability Team. We would like your ideas about renewing repairing and restoring. If interested, please email

Coming Late Spring 24'

Holy Hikes (Nature walks and Eucharist)

Coming This Fall 24'

Season of Creation

Four Week Class

Dialogue Circle: Environment

Mosaic: CEC Inclusion Team
The team meet for the first time this past Tuesday. If your interested in helping CEC discern and bring about opportunities of inclusion reach out to Fr. Bruce, Rose Hudson, Cheryl McPherson, Mary Ellen.

Future Ideas
Black History Month
Spanish History Month
Sacred Ground Course

Worship & The Arts

Coming this early summer. Fr. Bruce is working with local artists to share our space for art exhibits and a chance during our sacred time to gaze into the art and seek the divine. Especially based on themes of Justice and other work. Still in the planning stages but looking to be a fun, community involved endeavor and more.
Interested in the arts and want to get involved reach out to Fr. Bruce+

March 9th- Youth Fundraiser : Spaghetti Dinner 5-7pm

March 16th Confirmation Day Spiritual Retreat
March 18th Queer Spirituality at ESU 4:30pm in the Sexuality Center
March 19th Queer Spirituality Potluck Dinner 6:30pm
March 21st Chrism Mass 11am at the Cathedral in Bethlehem Pa
March 23rd- Iftar Dinner 7pm
March 24th- March 31st Holy Week
April 5-7th Youth Retreat in VA

Vestry Bulletin

Upcoming Dates

    • Feb. 22nd CEC Vestry Reorganizational Meeting

This past vestry we was the first official meeting of the new vestry. We began by voting in our consent calendar which included the following; Annual meeting mins, and special Feb. 12th meeting, and the junior report.
We the vestry led by Fr. Bruce proceeded to affirm our wardens Carl as Senior warden and Kevin Casey as Junior warden.
We then went on with our focus of the evening our reorganizational matters such as a vestry covenant, mission and vision review and how it came to be, structure/pastoral care, focus calendar and assignments.
The vestry agreed that the third Wednesday of every month except lent, June, and July at 5pm will be our regular meetings.
Business Items:
Update on Borough Relationship
Treasurer's report
Discussion on Fr. Bruce's future here at CEC- more information ask a vestry member

Vestry Member and their focus
Carl-Senior Warden
Kevin C. - Junior Warden and property
Kevin F. -8am Relations and property
Rob C.- Pastoral Care
Louise D. - Tech and LGBTQIA Relations
Debby C.-Food Pantry/ Outreach
Cynthia L.- Worship
Jan S.- Clerk and Adult Education
Myra B.- Youth and Children

****Each vestry member has a focus role. These are the persons who act as your liaison to the vestry. If you need support, have a question or concern about your ministry please seek this person out. They also will be checking in to see what the vestry can do for you. It is not their role to run your ministry but to support you .
    • Next Vestry Meeting is Thursday, March. 21st at 5pm

      • Focus: Finance, development team and stewardship

Zoom Link for Vestry

****Standing Committee Reports/Agenda Items are asked to be sent to Fr. Bruce by Mar. 11th to prepare to be sent out at least 1 week before the next meeting. Reminder in your reports, please highlight any material your team feels it needs Vestry action or vote so, we might better prepare and honor all our time. Thank you!

Healing Ministries & Community Resources

Weekly Meetings

AA Monday 6:30-8:30pm

N/A Thursday 6:30-8pm (Currently on a Pause)

N/A Friday 7:30-9pm

Yoga Instructor: Mary Ellen Whiteley

200hr RYT, Chair yoga, BA in Studio Art
For over twenty-five years my family and I have been members of Christ Church. I’ve been involved in
mission trips, Relay for Life, Youth Group, and most recently a member of the new priest search
committee. I love spending Saturday mornings with my yoga community, and Sunday mornings with my
church family. Now I’m happy to share my love of yoga with Christ Church in a new Chair Yoga series.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga for Beginners with Mary Ellen
Find the joy of movement with the support of a chair. Open to all members of Christ Church. This free
four-week Chair Yoga series will gently stretch our stiff muscles, find length in our spines, and improve
our blood flow with breath. This series will introduce students to asanas (poses), prana (breath) and
quiet meditation while using the chair for stability. No yoga experience is necessary. Wear comfortable
clothes and socks or bare feet. Open to all Christ Church members, classes will be held

Beginners Class every Wednesday. Please arrive at 1:00pm. Classes will begin at and run for 45 minutes.

Cost: $10/per class (Cash or Venmo)
Over 80 is free
***If cost is a hindrance please speak to Mary Ellen.

Queer Spirituality

***** our next dinner Church******
Tuesday, March. 19th

Bring a dish to share.
Meetings at ESU this semester will be March 18th, April 1st and 15th @ 4:30pm at ESU Gender and Sexuality Center.

Register here:

The youth fundraiser and funds will help to cover the cost of this trip. If you are interested in going but can reg. with the $50 dollars please reach out to Fr. Bruce privately.

Community Announcements

Weekender Submission (weekly)

Please submit material to the office by the Monday prior for review

Keep in touch with us!

Rt. Rev. Kevin D. Nichols, Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem
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The Rev. Dr. Sidnie Crawford, Assisting Priest
The Rev. Nick Lorenzetti, Pastoral Care Minister
Christ Episcopal Church
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