CEC Food Pantry First Saturday of Advent

On the first Saturday in December, 341 families received food at the Christ Episcopal Food Pantry. It may sound like we repeat this too often, but when we restarted the Food Pantry with Debby Campbell and Peggy Walck in charge, we were serving 35 families. This exponential growth is not

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A Time of Thanksgiving

The Food Pantry at Christ Episcopal Church has much to be thankful for. Not only has God granted us faithful leaders and generous volunteers, but the Food Pantry has given us partners all over Stroudsburg and beyond.   It may be a time of thankfulness but it is also a

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October Quarterly Meeting 2023

October Quarterly Meeting We gathered on October 18 for the Food Pantry’s Quarterly Meeting. While it has been a couple of weeks since that meeting, the excitement about what we are accomplishing as a community has stayed with me. The meeting’s agenda was plotted out. We even had a timekeeper

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Hello, I am Wil!!!

Hello, I am Wil !!!!! Hi, I’m Wil. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my involvement in and dreams for the food pantry at Christ Episcopal Church, Stroudsburg, Pa. Probably like most of you, for Thanksgiving I always said that I would like to help

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October Quarterly Meeting: Sat. Oct. 28th

All members of the CEC parish, all FoodPantry Volunteers, all those affiliated with the CEC food pantry are cordiallyinvited to the Quarterly Meeting on October 28 from 10am to 12pm This quarterly meeting is intended tointroduce all partners in this food ministry to each other and to encouragemore participation in

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Paint The Town Red

Paint the Town Red There is a new project beginning this November 19 when beautiful red ribbons will begin to appear tied to the lamp posts around Court House Square in Stroudsburg. Then, as the sales increase the bows will appear on Main Street.   Two hundred bows are for

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