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All members of the CEC parish, all Food
Pantry Volunteers, all those affiliated with the CEC food pantry are cordially
invited to the Quarterly Meeting on October 28 from 10am to 12pm

This quarterly meeting is intended to
introduce all partners in this food ministry to each other and to encourage
more participation in the vital work the Food Pantry does. It is also an
informational assembly where the plans, finances and goals can be given a
public voice.

Please familiarize yourself with the agenda.
There is much work to do during those two hours. Everyone’s participation is

Author: Deborah Emin 


Agenda Items for
Quarterly Meeting 

Oct.28th (10am-12pm

-Opening Prayer (1min)

-Testimony Time (10mins)

-Upcoming ministries  (20mins)



-New Partnerships & Thanks for Continued
Partnerships (5-8mins)

-Goals for 2024 (30mins)

-Gala Team (5mins)

-Financial Update (10

-CEC Ministry Budget Request (5mins)

-Questions, Concerns or Needs of the
Community (15mins)

Announcements: (10mins)

-CEC Twelfth Night Party
Friday, Jan.5th  



-Closing Prayer (1min)