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October Quarterly Meeting

We gathered on October 18 for the Food Pantry’s Quarterly Meeting. While it has been a couple of weeks since that meeting, the excitement about what we are accomplishing as a community has stayed with me.

The meeting’s agenda was plotted out. We even had a timekeeper to assure we only met for the two hours. Surprise, surprise, we only went over the limit by 10 minutes.

Why am I still so enthusiastic? Let me share the reasons here:

We welcomed many new members to the table who want to help us with the food pantry’s mission.

The testimonials given in support of the work the pantry is doing were inspiring; mentioning of how their spirits were lifted up by the time and effort they gave to the pantry. The most awesome words were how the time was filled with joy and laughter.

As an all-volunteer organization, the food pantry is reliant on folks wanting to show up.

This past Saturday, 24 people showed up to help. And the pantry served more people than they ever had before.

Imagine our Fellowship Hall, the movable shelves filled with non-perishable items and the tables filled with fruits and vegetables. Imagine people shopping for their family’s needs amidst the joy and laughter of a well run but fun ministry that does as Christ asks of us.

It is with that thought of the joyful noise of doing the Lord’s work on these Saturdays (and many other days as well), that the reports at the Quarterly Meeting of what is to come are also giving me the good feelings.

The Holiday Season is upon us. The Paint the Town Red campaign is in full swing. I hope you have already purchased your bow. We’d like volunteers on 11/19 to help remove the Halloween decorations and replace them with the big red bows around Courthouse Square and onto Main Street.

Our upcoming Thanksgiving distribution, 11/18, will also require many volunteers as we hand out the food for the many, many families who rely on us to make their holidays joyous.

We also discussed the holiday events planned for December. Please stay tuned for all that forthcoming information.

Author: Deborah Emin