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The Food Pantry at Christ Episcopal Church has much to be thankful for. Not only has God granted us faithful leaders and generous volunteers, but the Food Pantry has given us partners all over Stroudsburg and beyond.


It may be a time of thankfulness but it is also a time of great need. We as a church are responding to that need. We are forming networks of community that ensure, as Fr Bruce often says, “God will provide.” 


We saw it this past food distribution Saturday. The anticipated numbers for that day were 300 families. Even that number is staggering. But just as in Matthew when Jesus turned 5 loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5000, Christ Church fed 431 families because God is good.


Also because Christ Church has many new partners in this food ministry. There were the Boy Scouts, for example, who delivered well over a ton of food for our ministry. A flatbed truck is required to make such a delivery.


There were all the volunteers who put together boxes, filled boxes, filled bags with fresh fruits and vegetables.


This was a cornucopia moment for all. Abundance mixed with love.


And it does not end. It has filled us all.


On Monday, I made a pick up of the donation we weekly receive from Earthlight Natural Food. They had created a food drive for our Food Pantry. Before I went to Earthlight, I was down in Forks, having lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant. I go there often. The owner asked me where I as going to from there. I told her I was going to pick up this donation of food. I told her of the work this amazing food pantry does. She is a very religious woman. She is Lebanese and a Christian. She told me that when I come back next Monday she’ll have baskets for me to take to the food pantry.


All of us are touched by this food ministry. It infuses our church with what Jesus always asks of us—to love one another. God does provide. Amen.

Author: Deborah Emin