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The Food Pantry re-opened its doors on Saturday, February 3. More than 300 people showed up along with a large roster of volunteers.


With the emptying out of the two storage rooms for painting and new floors, along with better refrigerator and freezer capacities, the half of the Fellowship Hall discreetly hiding the foods that used to be there made for an interesting shopping challenge.


Yet, let it never be said that the team running the Food Pantry is not up to such challenges. And the flow of folks with carts (many of them newly acquired by the church) kept moving around a U-shaped pathway that offered members much variety in food selection. Onions, carrots, apples, juice oranges and potatoes. Eggs. Meat. Plus dried beans, canned vegetables, rice, nuts, raisins and even ice tea. (I’m sure I forgot things.) A new member of our volunteer team noticed how many different meals could be made just from the one day’s distribution.


It was good to be back after the month-long hiatus.


In newer news, we will be installing a greenhouse in Fr Bruce’s office this month and planting seeds to grow herbs for the Food Pantry. This is probably a pilot project. Despite the church not having land to grow food on, we are exploring indoor projects such as this as well as Tower Gardens. Please hit me up for any information regarding this convenient way to grow food year round and indoors.


If anyone wants to either grow herbs at home for this project or participate here at the church, you are welcome to join us. And thanks to Fr Bruce for accommodating this project.

Deborah Emin