Food Pantry Volunteer Training

Volunteer training is a necessary aspect of any well run organization that relies heavily on those willing to give of their time. We, at CEC, are blessed to have a large roster of volunteers who jump in to lend a hand often and happily.


Getting to this level of “professional volunteerism,” I think, means that the church is investing in this large cadre of people (39 is the current number of people on the roster to volunteer) and making sure that all are safe and well trained. Understanding the do’s and don’t’s of volunteering at the Food Pantry protects us all as well as the viability of the Food Pantry’s operations.


I’m looking forward to seeing as many as can join us on Saturday, starting at 10 am. If you know people who are interested in joining us, please have them register by emailing the church for instructions.


This Saturday would have been our second Saturday in January to distribute food. And the plan is to close the Food Pantry each January for repairs, inventory, training of new volunteers. I suspect that many also needed a break from the intensity of the work during November and December when everyone’s energies are taxed to provide not just food but gifts and games and all that being in the Christmas Spirit means even when one’s resources are stretched and it is easy to feel alone and disheartened.


I know that volunteering is a wonderful way to work out of that sadness while helping others to be relieved of their sadness too.


Let’s all thank each other for all we do, together, and in keeping with Christ’s example of feeding the poor, welcoming the stranger, loving the children and being that church of compassion, love and healing.

Author: Deborah Emin